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Akira Ueda

Akishi ueda

Producing a work that gives a feeling of sadness to memories, longing, and themes.

Since he was a child, he was strongly influenced by art, music, and movies, and proposed "J-Pop Surrealism," which has a Japanese taste with a focus on the attributes of Pop Surrealism. Various styles and motifs are used, from cute to strange giant creatures.

His main activity was in Japan, but in 2019 he won the first prize in the sculpture category of the beautiful art competition " Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize" in 2019, and then his activities in the English-speaking world began in earnest. Prayer" (Beijing, China) to succeed.

1991/ Born in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture

2012 / Participated in "peace9" exhibition (BE galley in Nagoya University of Arts)

/ Participated in the special exhibition "Children's Magic" <Black Magic> (Nagoya Osu Select Shop sipka (hereinafter sipka))

/ "TURNER AWARD 2012" Excellence Award
Japan Tour Selection Exhibition Tokyo Exhibition <TURNER GALLERY> / Osaka Exhibition (Art Court Gallery)
Sendai Exhibition (Aoba-Goso) / Sapporo Exhibition (Daimaru Fujii Central) / Nagoya Exhibition (Central Art Gallery)

/ Participated in the special exhibition "Children's Magic" <white magic> (sipka)

/ Participated in "Tetsu Matsuoka Exhibition + Friends" (Aichi GALLERY APA)

/ Art Competition "Tatsucon 2012 The Final!" Grand Prix (Aichi Gallery Tatsuya)

2013 / Participated in "Exhibition of each God" exhibition (sipka)

/ Solo exhibition "Planetary Boy" (sipka)

/Creator's Market vol.28 Participated in the student exhibition booth

/Wonder Festival 2013 summer Participated in Kaiyodo invitation booth "FLYING MEGALOPOLIS" (Chiba)

/ "Steampunk Touhou Research Institute 4" posted (Graphic)

/ Participated in the special exhibition "Asuke Goennale" (Toyota)

2014 / Exhibition "Too Far Parade" (sipka)

/ Participated in "Kids and Magic (Myth)" exhibition (sipka)

/ "Steampunk Touhou Research Institute 5" posted (Graphic)


2016 / Solo Exhibition "Rainbow Traces" (Sipka)

2018 / Solo Exhibition "Wind Festival" (Sipka)

Invited exhibit at Shanghai One Festival

Youkai modeling contest silver award

Kaiyodo Art Pla Award Silver Award

2019 / Solo Exhibition "Prayer For praying" (Beijing, China)

Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 1st in the sculpture category

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